Creating brand standout in a crowded, competitive market

Instant recognition and a distinctive identity for 3gHR Management Training

Real people with something real to say!

It’s hard to see what makes a company special when a whole sector’s marketing looks much the same in a generic copy, stockshot way. But by working with the client to uncover what really made their management training so different, we created a brand visual identity using real people and a message of individual empowerment with a ‘lets-do-it’ attitude and an energy which worked for every sort of marketing collateral from email campaigns to advertising, instantly recognised at-a-glance and building a distinctive voice with a fresh perspective in their industry.

“Here’s that rare combination – an experienced creative advertising team who understand the concerns, needs and outlook of the L&D and HR world”
Rebecca Holland, Marketing Director, ProfitAbility Business Solutions


  • Client 3gHR
  • Categories Content marketing, Digital, Marcomms