Competing with the banks is the biggest ask

Introducing a new idea in a crowded and competitive market for Woodsford Tradebridge

Challenging the banks with better business finance

Introducing a new approach to business finance is hard enough, but doing it by trying to get the attention of financial advisers is a massive task. These business intermediaries get more promotional messages than almost anyone else in this overcrowded b2b marketplace. Yet most of this deluge looks much the same: board rooms, men in suits shaking hands, The Gherkin and the Shard. No one expects to see a perky party dog. But it was this stylish juxtaposition of a witty, quirky image with a very down to earth and authoritative financial copy line that said something confident and clever both about the brand and its new approach to trade finance, driving an immediate and impressive response.

“Here’s that rare combination – an experienced creative advertising team who understand the concerns, needs and outlook of the L&D and HR world”
Rebecca Holland, Marketing Director, ProfitAbility Business Solutions


  • Client Woodsford Tradebridge
  • Categories Advertising, Content marketing, Digital, Marcomms