Clarity of communication for a highly complex product

Attracting new academic customers with the timeless art of iconography for OneIS

Ask any Mesopotamian: it’s all about clear communication!

What was the key to finding new customers for a highly complex software product aimed at the academic research market? As always, it was clear at-a-glance communication – something man has known for millennia. Which is why our striking marcomms brand design for OneIS Information Systems references ancient Mesopotamian cuneiform script, as well as the stylish modern icons we designed especially to simplify and explain this multi-layered software product to today’s higher education sector. Used across direct mail, print brochures and event invitations, this strong but simple brand look created instant recognition and easy comprehension of the product, attracting high levels of interest in universities and research departments.


  • Client OneIS
  • Categories Branding, Direct mail, Marcomms, Print