Eye catching branding that’s always aligned with business strategy

Intelligent brand design that instantly conveys positioning, tone and purpose for British Real Ale Society

The logo captures it all!
So much branding these days is design for design’s sake: pretty fluff that merely decorates. But our approach to creative branding is always rooted in capturing the brand purpose and conveying everything the business is about in a powerful, clever and distinctive way. Much more than just a logo, the identity we created for the British Real Ale Society is a powerful brand pillar, instantly declaring ‘we are British, we’re a pint of real beer, not a continental impostor and we have a proud heritage’. And by incorporating bright colours and a twist of humour with the pint ring, we made sure it stood out even in crowded and often dark environments.

Selecting a supplier who could meet exacting demands with often challenging timelines and rigid budgets without compromising creative input was easy from the first time I briefed Karen. Carol Pitches, Group Account Director, Projectlink Motivation


  • Client British Real Ale Society
  • Categories Advertising, Branding, Print