branding for SMEsYour branding isn’t just a bit of visual decoration. It’s the essence of everything you are. It signals to prospects your at-a-glance personality; it reminds customers of your values, your outlook and your aims; it declares to everyone your attitude, your intent and everything that makes you uniquely you and different from all the others. But we always make sure it looks great too, with a brand verbal identity to match so your whole ‘brand story’ makes sense, has standout and is strikingly memorable whether you’re a big global player or a neighbourhood SME.

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I want to officially record my HUGE thanks for the work you did in creating marketing graphics for the recent Business Success Online Summit I hosted along with Small Business Huge Success™. The Summit was a HUGE success. I am certain the associated marketing material contributed greatly to the look and feel of the event. I can be very demanding on myself, my team, and my external partners to consistently deliver excellence, as that is what we do for our customers in our businesses. You worked tirelessly and delivered in very short timelines (sorry), not just on time, but to a very high standard of quality and excellence. Adèle McLay, Founder, Small Business HUGE Success